Get the pure drinking water that you need and that bottled water can’t deliver with our commercial purification water system.

The Bio-Sure Plus commercial water purification system is unique!

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    Stage 1: Sediment Filter

    Removes particles such as dirt, silt, rust and pipe residue

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    Stage 2: Pre-Carbon Filter

    Removes chlorine, chemicals and pesticides

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    Stage 3: UF Membrane

    Removes all metals, solids, arsenic, etc. RO filter size: 0.0001 micron. UF filter size: 0.01 micron

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    Bio-Sure Plus Filter

    • Stage 4: Eliminate Free-Radicals & Clumping – Special minerals are added to neutralize the damaged molecules
    • Stage 5: Restores and Add Minerals – more than 20 minerals are utilized that are known to improve an array of health concerns
    • Stage 6: Enhance Alkalinity & Balance pH – Water is enhanced with minerals to increase alkalinity and balance pH.
    • Stage 7: Purify & Sanitize – There are 450 forms of virus controlled through one of the strongest antibacterial agents.
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    Stage 8 & 9: TCR – Final Polishing

    Final polish for fresh pure taste using a Coconut and Carbon reduction filter

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    Air Filter

    To ensure the air drawn into the system is clean of airborne matter

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