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At Midwest Water Associates, we believe everyone deserves access to pure and great tasting water – the best drinking water. Ever since the founding of our company in 2005, we have been committed to the delivery of the highest quality, best-tasting drinking water possible. We believe in forming strong relationships with our clients and take pride in our personal touch and service expertise. When you work with us, you’ll receive genuine care and excellent customer service.

Hydrated Employee is a Productive Employee

best drinking waterAmericans are more aware than ever of the importance of fitness and wellness and the positive impact our health has on every aspect of their lives. Employers know that a healthier employee is a more productive employee. Companies are spending close to 8 billion dollars per year on corporate wellness programs for their employees that include a wide range of health initiatives. Despite the increase in money that is spent on promoting healthier employees, new research finds that most American employees don’t consume enough water. According to a survey done by Quench USA, nearly 80% of Americans employees don’t drink enough water daily to meet their health needs. Our bodies are comprised of about 60% water, and we lose water daily through perspiration, breathing and other bodily functions. To keep our brain, heart, lungs, and other vital organs working efficiently, we must replace the water that is lost. When people don’t consume enough water each day, they will experience mild dehydration, which will hurt productivity, energy, and alertness. A study done by Journal of Nutrition has found that mild dehydration can result in:

  • Poor mood
  • Increased difficulty performing tasks
  • Less concentration
  • Headaches

There is a growing trend in the business community to invest in the well-being of employees and choosing pure office water is an important step in that direction. Healthier employees mean increased productivity and a better office environment. When your employees are well hydrated, it is better for both them and your organization.

The Midwest Water Difference – Pure, Delicious H2O in Every Glass With The Best Tasting Water

A simple filtering system might make your water taste better, but in many cases, the process provides nothing more than tap water that could still include sediment, rust, pharmaceuticals, and other chemicals, toxic metals, bacteria, and other impurities. That’s why it’s essential to invest in a water system that does more than just filter your water. Our bottleless water coolers use an In-Line 9 Stage Reverse Osmosis Process that helps in removing bacteria and all impurities in the water and a In-Tank 7 Stage Bio-Sure Process that results in pH balanced water for the whole office to enjoy and reduces harmful substances like arsenic, lead, mercury, and chromium.

The result? 99% pure water that tastes great!

Watch this video to learn about the nine-stage filtration system:

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